What is a ‘RedSt8r’?

What is a ‘RedSt8r’? 

A ‘RedSt8r’ is an individual, moderate, conservative not an ideologue. More particularly it is one who has arrived at their own personal variant of a conservative philosophy exclusive of a religious background. ‘RedSt8r’ does not exclude those who are religious more importantly it includes those of us who are not.

 And, while “moderate conservative” seems an oxymoron I contend it reflects a more nuanced and realistic view of human nature as opposed to some preconceived concept of conservative ideology. A ‘RedSt8r’ is someone who is independent of a singular conservative ideology but who is most comfortable on the conservative side of the political spectrum.

 From Rod Dreher, columnist for the “Dallas Morning News” as printed in the Wilmington, NC “Star-News” on March 12, 2009 in a column titled, “Limbaugh’s rants don’t help right”. Rod’s article lambasted Limbaugh, and rightly so, for his insistence that all the conservative movement needed was a better candidate. Clearly, Limbaugh preaches to a hard core choir in which many conservatives, including myself, are not members.

 From Rod’s article: “What Edmund Burke, the founder of modern conservatism, said of nations – ‘A state without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation’ – is also true of political movements. Rod goes on to write, “The thinking conservative will learn from experience, reinterpreting conservative principles in light of new conditions.” As I understand this statement, today’s conservative movement needs to adapt to contemporary conditions without violating core principles. This is far more difficult than finding the so-called, “right candidate”.

 Farther on in the article, Rod writes, “[Limbaugh’s rants are] … antithetical to the kind of intellectual depth, philosophical modesty and dispositional humility that constitutes political conservatism at its finest.” This speaks to my concept of a “moderate conservative” although Rod clearly writes far better than I. And, indeed, this speaks to my concept of a ‘RedSt8r’ as one who has arrived at their conservative principles through experience, examination and observation rather than as a knee jerk response to either religious ideology or media star polemics.

 Last, Rod finishes his article with the comment, “The traditionalist right offers a powerful critique not only of Obama’s statist liberalism but of the misguided conservatism that helped bring America to this low point.” Yes, indeed we do. But it will not be an easy fight as we have opponents on both our left and right. But fight we must.


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