Baubles for babies?

Well the Democrat Congress finally passed their cherished S-chip bill. According to Democrats it is all about the children. Of course. How can anyone oppose something so important for the children? Clearly Democrats and liberals think conservatives and independents can’t – or won’t. And it is difficult, until you look under the headlines and behind all the overwrought dialog about the children. Then you see it is only ‘for the children’ on the surface. Underneath, and as the President himself announced during the signing, it is really about a giant step towards the liberal goal of a single payer, universal health care system. The heck with the kids. They want a government run health care system. Reading many of the comments on the MarketWatch site is instructive. Those in favor of this bill come in two distinct flavors. One that doesn’t care that ‘poor’ now encompasses earning as much as $80,000 a year. All they care about are the children of course. The other flavor is bold face in favor of transforming America into a Euro-socialized, single payer, health care system.

I am dismayed by the evident class war (rich Republicans vs caring Democrats), the bias against individual rights and responsibilities, in fact the bias against the individual. I see this as one battle in an intellectual and political war for the heart of Amercia. Will we become a Euro-socialized country or will we remain a bastion of  individual rights and responsibilities? I fight for the latter, for individuals, for individual freedom. Yes, my child is important and my grandchildren are important too but not as important as individual freedom.

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